Writer Declan Scott

My Prison Days” is a book that illustrates real life in Federal Prison. Hollywood has created many movies and TV shows that pretend to show what goes on within prison walls, but the truth is they have no clue. This book follows a new Felon from numerous holding facilities to his home prison in Kentucky. He walked a prickly road to get to this point. He had been a big shot while still in his thirties. His flaw was that he stole a large amount of money. No one discovered his crime until his wife found the documents he used to steal a great amount of money. Rather than do anything positive about it, she took the documents to the FBI and his criminal journey starts there. He doesn’t blame his wife, she was protecting herself and their young son. Now his prison days start. The reader is taken along each significant day where he is challenged physically, mentally, and sexually. He is living the real life of Federal Prison, not the one put on by the media. And the reader is taken along experiencing life as s seen though the eyes of Federal Inmate.


For visit my website go to http://bit.ly/2gff9NT  To buy my book “My Prison Days” visit http://bit.ly/2gROKqt


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